About JEFF

In December 2012 I moved from my home in Milford, CT to the beautiful South Florida community of Dania Beach to begin a new career and a new life. After a few weeks of partying with my family, I bought a scale and was disgusted at the 281 pounds I saw on the dial. Enough was enough I decided. I bought a bike, started to swim and walk, and most importantly, began eating healthy.

My future son-in-law, Mike, spent an afternoon with me, a bit of male bonding, but more of sharing thoughts about his new business. We sat in my living room discussing his visions for his company, Have The Drive; where the name came from, what he wanted to accomplish, his goals, his desires. All the while, as he was telling me of his business plans, I was thinking about why he called his company Have The Drive.

I listened as he told me of how he beat the odds, overcame his obstacles and succeeded in places where he was sure to fail. He said there were times in his life where the only way he felt he could continue his quest was by telling himself to Have The Drive.

It took me a while, but after a year or so, I realized that even though I never knew it, I had been practicing what he was preaching over and over, again and again. I’ve lost a business, gone through divorce, was penniless…I’ve broken many bones, have had a number of surgeries…I’ve lost jobs, good jobs, and have had to start over several times. I am riddled with daily pain from morning to night, yet, somehow, I have always found the drive to pick myself up and meet my challenges face to face.

In December 2013, I rode my bike into a car at 18mph. Two months later a car ran over my bike (yes with me on it). In May I tore a hamstring…These interruptions never stooped me, for in October 2014, I completed my 2nd Triathlon and took home my 2nd Third place medal! I need shoulder and neck surgery but that won’t stop me from meeting my goals. You see I Have The Drive to exceed my goals. Everyday I remind myself that GIVING UP IS NEVER AN OPTION!

About MIKE

In 2011 I was an unemployed banker on a quest to figure out what to do with my life. I went back to school for a while which turned out to be an unsuccessful venture for me. The middle of 2012 I wanted to have some direction in my life so I enlisted in the Army National Guard. The first week of boot camp was rigorous. I thought I wasn’t going to make it the first day. Sleep deprived, I kept on repeating to myself “Have The Drive, Have The Drive“.  Thankfully with that mindset, I successfully completed boot camp and training. Soon afterwards, I realized I could help others who were struggling like myself by positive motivation. That’s when Have The Drive motivational enterprise was born.


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~Robert F.