Have The Drive is a motivational company created by Michael Baum for the purpose of stimulating those of us who have faced formidable challenges and found a way to overcome those challenges. Through Have The Drive we hope to encourage and support everyone who thinks they just can’t handle their situation anymore. Our motto is Giving Up Is Never An Option.

Our obstacles can be everything from training for a race to studying for an exam; working on a relationship to saving a marriage. We believe that one can beat the odds by Having The Drive to do so, and doing the hard work it takes to get there. Winning is not always the goal, but trying our best, doing our best, being at our best, everyday in every trial, is what Have The Drive is all about.

We are new at what we do. The vision for Have The Drive is to provide a network of motivational speakers, to publish materials to help lift the spirits of those who feel they have failed, to offer words of advice and even a shoulder to cry on. We want to share stories of how we, you, our community have fought the urge to sit down and quit, and instead found the strength and courage to overcome and finish the tasks at hand.

I’m Jeff and I found my courage from a young man named Robbie. You can read about Robbie and me, and Michael, in our Who We Are page, and in our community page.

About HAVE THE DRIVE Emergency Wristbands

I was out running one morning and realized I had left without my wallet and without my phone. I worried that if something tragic happened I would be another John Doe in a hospital somewhere, or a first responder would have no idea that I am allergic to certain common medications. After months of research, I improvised and created a wristband that is waterproof, simple to use, gives any responder instant access to critical information, and is inexpensive.

It is with the proceeds from our wristband that Have The Drive will build the company and meet our goals to inspire men, women and children to never give up.


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My daughter gave me this for father’s day. I’m 89 years old. What a great gift. This is so much better than a wallet ID card. I filled it out and put it on right away because I take a walk in town every day.
~Robert F.