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I personally made the switch to Have The Drive, due to the bracelet I had before being uncomfortable for me. Danielle S.

I’ve been a Road ID user for years and as soon as I saw this wristband I immediately ditched it. No longer do I have to worry about people not being able to read my scratched up Road ID! Thanks guys.

Max K.

Having accurate, easily carried information is essential for all of us but even more so for people like me who suffer from severe allergies. My brother bought me a Road ID to wear when I hike but I wasn’t comfortable with the fact that my information was clearly visible to anyone. I’m so happy to have found a comfortable alternative that keeps my personal information private. Thank you so much!

Barbara R.

I work at a law firm, one of my duties is taking the mail out. I have always been concerned about my safety crossing the street to drop the mail off. There have been multiple times I’ve almost gotten hit by vehicles. I never carry anything with me so I was always concerned if I got hit no one would know who I was. This emergency ID is perfect for me, plus I like that no one can see my personal information unless I get into an accident. Highly recommended!

Annetta F.

I had a heart attack and stroke, both before I was 45.  I still bike and run so I need to have my emergency contacts and medical information on me in case anything else ever happens to me.  I hesitated to wear a metal Medical Alert because the information kept changing.  This awesome product lets me keep everything current and fits my active lifestyle.  I love it!

Holly S.

I am very pleased with this wristband . It will help me to communicate accurately regarding my medical treatment wishes in the event of an emergency. Just because a treatment or protocol exists does not mean it is right for or desired by all. I have been looking for a product that enables me to alert emergency providers to my beliefs regarding healing as well as an appropriate contact person.

Sandra B.

We had a booth this weekend at the Tampa Flavor Run. Rain or Shine, it was great fun as evidenced by this happy customer!

Mike B.

I received a Road ID as a gift, but in time, the data became outdated. I received another one, but I find it hard to remember to put it on, and I’d prefer to have something around my ankle or on my shoe. When I found out about Have The Drive Emergency Wristband ID, I immediately knew it was just what I’d been looking for. I wore it on my ankle for a long bike ride and didn’t even notice it. My info is hidden from view (which I prefer) and I have an extra ID tag in case of any future changes in my data that can easily replace the one inside the band. I haven’t yet gone swimming with it, but it’s wonderful to know that I can. It’s a great product!

B. Burton

Hi there!  We had a different ID bracelet before finding the Have the Drive Emergency ID.  We love Have the Drive for so many reasons.  Here are just a few off the top of my head.  The first is that the Have the Drive ID is so much more identifiable, as it should be since it is, well an identification bracelet.  The other bracelet we had looked like any other common rubber bracelet.  Instead of looking like a tool to use in an emergency, it looked like I was simply supporting a cause. Another reason is that on the other bracelets the printing wears off.  It is not suppose to, but it does.  Then it has to be replaced.  The replacement costs more than a whole new Have the Drive ID.  If I need to change the information on my Have the Drive, I just write it onto a new piece of paper.   Lastly, for now, The Have the Drive ID is just so much more durable than our old one.  Not only does the printing wear off of the other, the bands break under not a lot of stress.  I can imagine a time where the physical force of an accident will rip and it will become useless since it may not be found.  So, bottom line, there are many products to consider in this segment, but none of them are better than Have the Drive ID.

Jeff C.

Quit using Road ID for this ID. Road ID exposes too much personal information. Love this ID!

Ellen M.

Purchased today after discussing benefits of this over Road ID. I do triathlons and this has no shiny parts that could attract marine wildlife and also I have fallen off my bike and this will not scratch and destroy any of my information. Great product!

Vicky H.

I was running with a group of people on the Pinellas Trail when I unexpectedly had a stroke. I am so grateful that this emergency ID wristband is available. Everyone should have one. A true life saver.

Norma H.

 I purchased this wristband as a gift for my father who is a diabetic. Since wearing this wristband he has already had to use it on two different occasions which saved his life. Plus he likes that his personal information isn’t exposed to anyone unless it gets taken off his wrist in the case of an emergency situation.

Keila C.

There is a young man, my wife’s nephew, who lives in Arkansas. Robbie has muscular dystrophy. I met Robbie when he was about 8 years old and was with him when he lost his balance and fell down the first time. He was diagnosed with Duschene’s a devastating form of MD. Robbie is confined to a motorized wheelchair and has movement of only one hand and his head. His prognosis was to not survive 20 years. But Robbie Has The Drive to never give up. At 25, he says he has no plans to die. And to prove his point he has now put on weight and is improving in many ways. If you would like to know more about Robbie visit For Robbie on Facebook. We just sent him a Have The Drive wristband, along with our support.

Jeff A.

I am an insulin dependent diabetic who’s sugar level changes dramatically during the day. I never know when I may go into a diabetic coma. In my car I have a “yellow dot” emergency warning indicating to paramedics that my info is in my glove compartment. But I realized that it doesn’t work if I’m not near my car. The Have The Drive emergency ID wristband contains vital information that may someday save my life. I can wear it anytime anyplace. Everyone should get one!

B. Blankenstein